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This undershirt has a integrated heat system.

After the tee-shirt GPS, the socks that tracks Babie’s health, here is the teeshirt that warms up with the touch of a button.

The light and comfortable top will keep you warm without the hassle of having several layers. The heat is easy to control with the button on the sleeve: There is 3 settings 40, 45, and 50 degrees Celsius. The heat can keep you warm up to 8H.

I can’t wait to see the cooling collection that keeps you fresh in summer. Continue reading “This undershirt has a integrated heat system.”

A plant that creates light

The Living Light harvests its energy through the photosynthetic process of the plant.

According to Ermi van Oers, the designer of the lamp: “A healthy plant can produce up to 0,1 mW, which is enough to be working as a night lamp and will fall asleep with you to charge itself for the next night.”.

In fact, the duration of light depends on the well-being of the plant. So the better you take care of the plant, the more energy you will receive back.

Watch the video to understand how it works:

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This Cool Nap Bar in Madrid could enhance your brain power

After the success of the nap pop up in London, Dubai and Tokyo, here is the first nap bar in Madrid. The bar is called Siesta & Go, it provides a variety of rooms for visitors wanting to take a break from the day and relax. The bar is situated at the heart of the business center so people can do a pause during their working hours. You pay for the time you spend in the bar.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a 20/30min nap “provides significant benefit for improved alertness and performance”

Winston Churchill’s believed that his daily nap helped him get twice as much done each day: Slowing down can make you more efficient.

After the Nap Gym, the Pods to pause and reconnect and the Slow down drink, the nap bar is another example that slowing down is a growing trend. There is no doubt that the concept is going to be a success. Expect to see more of those bar opening in the big cities.


Future of oral care: This toothbrush could save 100 days of your life time

If we do it well, brushing teeth takes 4 minutes a day, 1 day a year, 100 days in 100 years. Because of this reason people either avoid brushing their teeth at night or reduce the recommended time to 1 min. This can leads to dental or gum diseases.

That’s why Amabrush created a toothbrush that brushes teeth in 10 seconds: A mouth piece vibrates and cleans simultaneously every tooth with the simple click of a button.

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Future of health care: This smart robot is a friendly personal pharmacist

Pillo is a personal health care companion that can:
  • recognize each user’s face and voice
  • have a conversation with you and learn about you
  • dispense the proper pills at the appropriate time
  • automatically reorder medicine before it runs out
  • answer your health questions
  • connect you directly with healthcare professionals

Pillo is also intelligent. His functionalities will improve as he learns about us and our family. In the future, could Pillo replace our doctor and advise us on each medication to take for simple sickness? is it scary or convenient?

Continue reading “Future of health care: This smart robot is a friendly personal pharmacist”

Pods to pause and reconnect

To respond to the current trend of increased technology usage that creates feelings of disconnection, Jaya van den Berg created ‘Co COON’. Co Coon is a quiet small pod made from wood and wool materials that can accommodate 1 or 2 people. Continue reading “Pods to pause and reconnect”

Slow down drink

After the rise of energy drinks that help people to keep up with the fast moving life, here is the slowing down drink.

The Opus B’s hour glass shaped design has several purposes: Continue reading “Slow down drink”

Gym Offers Group Napping Classes

Step away from daily stress and rush for a 1h napping class.

Napercise is designed to help “reinvigorating the mind, improving moods, as well as even burning the odd calorie.”

Michelin has reinvented the car tire. It looks amazing.

To stay relevant, every industries has to reinvent themselves. Car tire has always looked similar: black rubber filled is air. It is time to change the convention.

Michelin has invented Vision, a car tire concept based on 3 innovative trends:

  • 3D printed: The tread design is customized in accordance with the user’s mobility needs.
  • Digitally connected: Sensors in the wheels are connected to a mobile app to alert the driver when they need to recharge a tire or to pre-schedule a tread design change.
  • Biodegradable: to be composted at the end of its life

And it’s Airless to avoid the risk of flat tires or dangerous blowouts at speed.

Can’t wait to see the car of the future with those tires!


 3D printing might revolutionise every industries. 


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