The umbrella dilemma


FINDING : I never have an umbrella with me. I’m not the only one. The proof is when I arrive at the exit of the Tanjong pagar subway station and I see all those people stacked and waiting that the rain stops.

We don’t need umbrellas all the time. Only when it rains and we want to go outside from A to B. So each time it rains a lot of people run to “cheers” or “7/11” and buy a new umbrella. We build a useless umbrella collection at home that will eventually end up in the trash… ( not a very good news for the planet)

While we are waiting for the rain to stop, we see people entering the MRT with the wet umbrellas. They don’t need it anymore, they are in the dry area.

TREND : Sharing economy


  • DROP & TAKE UMBRELLA SPOT : Could we create a spot in MRT station, mall entrance, hotel… where we could drop and take umbrellas?
  • UMBRELLA RENT : Vending machine that sales umbrellas for 5 dollars, take back the umbrellas for 4 dollars?
  • NEW HABIT : Like it is normal to say hello and thank you, people could give umbrellas while entering a dry space to the ones that are getting out.

Next time I’ll be arriving at a subway station protected by the umbrella I will give it to someone and hope someone will do the same an other day.



Categories: Sustainable living

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