Lollifork / Lollispoon

output_MWyAjSToo much obesity, sickness due to malnutrition.

We need to control the amount of salt, fat that we eat everyday.

Idea: Introducing Lollifork and Lollispoon. A fork and spoon with the spices, salt and pepper integrated in the head like a lollypop. Eat any kind of meal with the fork, the fork will gives a good taste to the ingredients without adding sauces. Add taste to a plain yogurt with the lollispoon for the plain yogurt or any kind of desserts.  Not too much fat not too low taste. Just perfect.

The fork/ spoon comes in different recipes so you can explore new tastes everyday.

The body of the cutlery is in wood so it’s bio degradable 🙂



Categories: Heathy Lifestyle

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