Bring hope with a simple postcard


Today I’m traveling to Chicago on American airline. Bored, (There is no TV on the plane …) I begin to read at the American airline magazine and discovered a branded post card.
The design was ok; the eagle logo is flying, its shadow sits on a beautiful landscape. It could have been a poetic and sophisticated design if the color were not too saturated. Anyway, I liked the idea: I never find / take the time to write postcard to my friends and family. What else to do on a plane? I turn the post card and see the text ” 1st class mail postage required” in the stamp box. That discouraged me…

The second reason why I never send post card is that I never have stamps.

Yet, I still like the giving away postcard idea to “create an emotional connection with people”. How can we build on that and push it further?
1st, give us the stamp please. American airline flies everywhere they could drop a letter for us to our foreign friend. It’s not expensive and it has a big impact.

Yet, I understand that the logistic is complicated. So here is a second idea.

We all love receiving post card or a nice note, it always warms our heart up.

Why not partnering with an association in the US that needs emotional support, for example an association for depress people or orphans. They need to feel hope to be able to move on in their life. The passenger could write a cheer up note, a story about him, a quote, anything. American airline gives all postcards to the association that distribute 1 card per person per day.

American airline gives the passenger the opportunity of doing something good, and create a big emotional impact on people that needs it the most.

We know that millennial and Gen Z will engage with brand that do good. By leveraging on the post card to do something good American airline could create word of mouth and get the attention of those generations and influencers…

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