Connected silent alarm clock pillow

How many of you share a bed with a partner that wakes up earlier than you? Hard to stay healthy and energetic when your sleep is broken up everyday.

The European soccer cup has been a challenging time for soccer fans’ partner living in Asia. The matches were often at 3am, and the fans had to wake up. 😬

I have been woken up at 3am on Monday by my boyfriend’s alarm clock for the final France- Portugal. When the ring woke me up on that day, I reflected about how to wake up people in silence…

The idea: A comfortable connected vibrating pillow. output_fBeT6M.gif

At the heart of the soft pillow there is vibrating device. The colored pillow has code on it. The color is used to easily identify your (vs his/her) pillow, the bar code is used to register the pillow in the app. On the app, you set the time for the “silent alarm clock”. When it’s time, the pillow vibrates to wake you up in silent so your partner can continue sleeping. 

We could also imagine creating the vibrating device independently from the pillow. So you could upgrade our current pillow and/or using it in hotel when travelling.

Then I wondered: “How come this doesn’t exist already?”. After some research, I found those other alternatives: 

What is different and successful about the “connected vibrating pillow” is that you don’t need additional devices to use during the sleep (bracelet/earplug/vibrator/…) : it is integrated in the pillow and it is comfortable.


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