Juice ball bar, a bar that keeps you fit

We all want to be healthy, fit and energetic. Sport is obviously the great solution to stay healthy yet it takes time and energy… Some of us prefer to go out and meet friends instead.

What if we were able to share a nice moment with our friends while working out?!

Using a yoga ball as a chair has plenty of benefits:

  1. Improve your balance.
  2. Forces proper spine alignment.
  3. It strengthen abdominal muscles
  4. Improves your circulation.
  5. You’ll feel more energetic
  6. It’s fun!

Introducing the juice ball bar.

A bar where the seats are replaced by yoga balls. So the more you sit, the more you get a healthier body.  All drinks on the menu are juices so you can detox and not feel guilty.

Get that 6-pack you’ve been wanting without suffering !

Categories: Heathy Lifestyle

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