A planned surprise trip

We, the millennial, have no time nor patience to organize things: we are too busy enjoying our fast moving life (Working, partying, socializing, exploring…) We also developed a strong desire for new experiences, spontaneity and surprises yet it needs to be personalized, well planned and curated. (yes… we are also full of contradiction)

Based on this insight, here is a smart idea from Jubel:Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 5.48.47 pm.png

This travel agent organizes customized trips for us based on our aspiration, countries we want to explore, as well as the type of holiday that appeals to us and budget. It’s fast and easy:

1st step: take the survey;  It helps to craft your custom surprise trip

2nd step: Approve the price

3rd step: receive envelops with the planned trip. You can decide to open it all at once or opening it along the way and surprise yourself.

4th step: GO!

See Lucky Trip, an other travel agent app that inspire your next trip without much planing.

Here is more about Experiential Travel

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