Self-flying taxi drone in Dubai

Dubai is a visionary city that wants to own the future before the rest of the world. This week, the Emirati metropolis announced  to have a passenger-carrying drone regularly flying in the skyline in July. (Meanwhile the system will be tested in the city)

It’s very simple to use: The passenger selects a destination on a touch-screen pad then the drone flies there automatically.


On the right: The vision of the future by Luc Besson. On the left: Dubai July 2017

Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, announced last April that he wanted 25 percent of all passenger trips in the city to be done by driverless vehicles by 2030. Luc besson’s vision of the future of car might be coming sooner than we think. (Less chaotic, I’m sure 😊 )

Hopefully, the next generations of passenger drone will carry more than 1 person, be silent and powered with solar energy.

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