Digital vs real: A story dispenser to step away from the phone

Yes, the digital world is growing, as a matter of fact we are more connected with our phone and computer than ever: The average person spends 8 hours and 41 mins on electronic devices. However, this also means that there is growing need for people to reconnect with the reality and to step away from their phone. Real is good, yet simple, convenient and free solutions are better to compete with the digital world.

Here is an example of a library that proposes an innovative solution to invite people to move away from digital devices back to reading on real paper during their commuting.

Introducing the “Distributeur d’histoires courtes” (“Short-story distributor”). It’s easy to use and intuitive: On the kiosk, there is only three numbered buttons: one, three, and five. The numbers refer to how many minutes a story will take to read. After pushing the button you get the free printed story. Users are not able to choose what type of story – romantic, fantastical or comic. This makes the experience even more delightful: Surprising reading and removes the struggle of choosing. The stories dispensers are usually situated in train stations to target the commuters in need for a digital pause.

There is already more than 70 dispensers available in France and 1 in San-Francisco. Many other cities around the world are currently interested in getting those stories dispensers.

“This intriguing short story machine gives us a great opportunity to merge the innovation of today’s world with the nostalgic allure of classic manuscripts,”

“I’d like to see the city of San Francisco put them everywhere, so that while waiting for a bus, or marriage license, or lunch, you could get an artistic lift free of charge,”  (Director Francis Ford Coppola, an Academy Award winner and owner of Café Zoetrope)


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