This smart condom tracks your sexual performances

The consumer wearables market include smart watches, glasses, fitness and health trackers, tee shirts, smart jewellery and… condoms.

The I.con device is a ring that fits over the condom. Like Fitbit, the device comes with a app that tracks datas during the exercise: Thrust velocity and speed, Brunt calories (100 calories per session put out by a study conducted by the University of Montreal), number times you add sex, how long does it last, average skin temperature of…, what’s the measure of your girth, number of different positions conquered during the exercise. It also checks chlamydia and syphilis.

Like any other smart device, you can share and compare your datas with your friends or with the other men in the world. Maybe 1 day, we will be able to link the datas with Tinder so we can pick the partner based on his past performances.


The device will be available in July 2017

However, there is no datas related to pleasure. Is great sex only links with great performance?
Smart watches, activity trackers and other wearable tracking devices is currently the biggest fitness trend.
The wearables market is expected to exceed over 4 billion in 2017.


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