The power of scent: scented bottles makes plain water flavorful

A single can of soda contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. People who consume sugary drinks regularly (more than 1 cup a day) have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than other people.

Reducing the consumption of soft drinks and drinking more water will improve people’s health. Yet here is the tension: While health and wellness is a growing concern for people around the world, there is also a well establish indulgence trend. People want both: be healthy and be indulged.

What if the scent was the solution to eat and drink healthy yet tasty?

The scent is powering the taste of food. Try to eat food and block your nose at the same time: It won’t be the same. Your sense of smell accounts for 75-95% of the impact a flavour has. Without smell it’s hard to tell the difference between onion and potato

“That’s because as you chew, you’re forcing air through your nasal passages, carrying the smell of the food along with it. Without that interplay of taste and smell, you wouldn’t be able to grasp complex flavors” Tom Finger, a professor at the University of Colorado-Denver Medical School .

The scented cup and the flavour bottle have both been launched respectively on Indigoo and Kickstarter. Both innovations aim to make drinking water a more enjoyable and flavorful experience. The scented bottle and cup make you think that the plain water is “tasty”.

image: the right cup

The power of scent is well known yet not fully leveraged. There is room for brands to innovate and delight the healthy consumers: Scented fork and spoons? Scented packaging to enhance the taste of food and drinks? Maybe one day, the bottle of Evian could also be infused with scent?


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