Can a Police Robot keep us safe?

The Chinese E-patrol Sheriff is a robot that keeps travelers safe in the Zhengzhou East Railway Station.

The 1.6 meter-tall Robot can see in a wide scope of the railway station and use the facial recognition technology to track people when necessary. If a person is a wanted criminal, the robot will recognize him then use its wheel to stay near him while waiting to the policemen to finish the job.

Besides fighting crime, the Chinese RoboCop is capable of monitoring air quality and temperature, track potential criminal activity, safety hazards and potential fires. Also, E-Patrol Robot Sheriff can send signals with the use of its arm gestures and give verbal warnings to street violators. 

Robot tech is developing at immense speeds, expect to see more and more robots taking on our streets as E-Patrol Serif isn’t the first Robot Police officer. In September 2016, AnBot was deployed at Shenzhen Airport, one of China’s busiest airport. The robot is trained to carry out security checks as well as facial recognition and identify safety hazards.

Anbot in Shenzhen


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