A cute smart sock that will save babies lives

How many parents wake up at night to check if their baby is still breathing? The Owlet Smart Sock tracks babies’ heart rate, blood oxygen levels and alerts parents if anything abnormal happens. The company claims that “83% of Owlet parents report having better sleep while using the Smart Sock on their baby.”

Beyond harnessing parent’s piece of mind, the cute little sock will soon save  babies’ life. The device is collecting data to be able to predict when problems are occurring, not just when they already have. For example, certain heart-rate profiles may indicate that a baby has a fever, even before he’s sweating.

owlet baby sock 2

Wearable shifts in focus from ‘gadget’ to ‘health trackers’

From devices that detects whether a user is going to fall ill to smart condoms that checks chlamydia and syphilis, the shift from fitness to health makes wearable more relevant to everybody’s life not only to the sporty people. Currently wearable is the biggest fitness trend, soon it will become the biggest global trend. According to Forbes, the wearable Tech Market will Be Worth $34 Billion By 2020. When babies start wearing wearable from day one, we can easily predict that they will use it all life long.

Brands must keep up with the wearable trend to stay relevant in the future: Soon we should be able to buy smart Pampers that alerts parents when to change the diapers and checks the quality of the poo to prevent babies’ sickness.



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