Future of cooking: cooking food in a washing machine?

Iftach Gazit, design student in Tel Aviv, created the “Sous La Vie” concept: innovative bags to cook yummy fish, steak or vegetables in a washing machine without the taste of soap or dirty water.

The name “Sous la vie” is inspired by the french “Sous vide” which is a method to cook food evenly while retaining moisture: The vacuum-sealed food is placed in heated water and cooked over a long period of time. The same conditions can be found in a washing machine. The designer explains: “Instead of following a sous-vide recipe and cooking a piece of meat at 58˚C for two and a half hours, just set your washing machine to ‘synthetics’ for a long duration program. Cooking vegetables? Set your machine to ‘cotton’ for a short duration program.”

The concept original intent is for homeless to be able to cook food in the safe environment of a laundromat as well as offering point of view on capitalism and fast food vs socialism and slow food: The sous vide cooking method is not as popular since the women began to work after the second world war.

The 2in1 cooking and laundry idea could influence the future of cooking.

In the polluted fast moving world, sustainability, convenience and indulgence became 3 important consumer trends. The innovative bag saves energy used by the stove during the “sous-vide” long cooking process while offering a convenient and savory dinner experience with healthy ingredients. This could inspire brand for innovative product ideas: Tupperware creating the reusable washing machine cooking bag? Eco-friendly-ready-made food to be cooked in the washing machine? A laundromat restaurant where you eat food prepared in the washing machines while waiting for your laundry to be done? Washing machines with cooking buttons?

What else could be created? Share with us your ideas 🙂


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