Based on the latest advancement in robot technology, Greg Satell predicts that “The future of robot is all too human”. But what if the future of human was actually all too robot?

There’s no doubt: machines can often do work not only more efficiently, but better than us. Robots are becoming more advanced and are taking some of our jobs. With their sophisticated EQ, robots are also becoming a better partner in our daily life. Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director predicts that computers will become as smart as humans in 12 years. How many years before they get smarter than us and overpower human? The alternative is that we enhance our own body and brain.

A month ago Elon Musk has launched Neuralink: the company is working on creating devices to be implanted in the human brain. The eventual purpose is to help human beings to merge with a software and keep pace with advancements in artificial intelligence. Yes, this sounds like science fiction, however human enhancement is already happening.

Two years ago, Neil Harbisson was declared the world’s first legally recognized cyborg after he corrected his colorblindness by installing an antenna directly into his skull. In Sweden, a company has implanted microchips in its employees’ hands to allow them to use the photocopier and even pay for their lunch. Our technological ability to augment the human body with electronic devices has also reached the point where it can solve life-threatening ailments. We might become immortal.

Based on those innovations, one day we should be able to boost our brain, get an illimited memory, our eyes will be able to take pictures, our ears will translate spontaneously other languages, our body will be enhanced with incredible strength and we will be able to control our emotions … if we are able to get all those improvement, will we replace the robots to become the immortal cyborg of the future?

If we can do everything without effort, are we going to loose the satisfaction of success and achievement? If everything becomes so controlled, will we loose the sense of excitement? If we become immortal, are we still going to do babies? Then, what will motivate us to go through life? What will be the meaning of life?