Powering devices with silver ink drawings

Imagine a home without electric wires. A home where electric wires are replaced by decorative silver lines that can power all your electric devices.

The japanese company AgIC (Ag = silver + IC = Ink Circuit) created the Circuit Marker pen. The pen delivers electricity-conducting ink that allows you to turn hand drawings into an electrical circuit. Currently the pen is used to create miniature illuminated mock up yet we could imagine that one day we could potentially push the idea to full size home.

As a matter of fact, this concept has been shared during the 2017 Collective Design Fair in New York City. Flavor Paper (wall covering company) and UM Project (design company) have partnered to develop an interactive wall that powers devices with silver ink. The artistic wall is made of tiles with a copper ‘switch’ and bridges that connect the conductive ink to the devices. Those devises are powered simply by touching the wall surface. According to PSFK, the system is so safe that we won’t be shocked while touching the electric ink.

I can’t wait to have it at home 🙂


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