Heating a swimming pool is expensive and bad for the planet. Since the 16th of May 2017, the Parisian Butte-aux-cailles swimming pool is heated by the computers situated in the boiler room.

Cooling data-centers is expensive and bad for the planet. The data-center situated under the same swimming pool no longer needs air conditioning: the pool absorbs the waste heat from the computers. (the cooling system represents by itself as much as 45% of the energy consumed.)

It is a win win situation. The system has been created by the start-up Stimergy and helps to save 45 tons of CO2/year.

“With a 25 % data flows increase each year, datacentres and their energy consumption are major ecological challenges.” Stimergy

A growing number of data centers are redirecting the heat from their hot aisles to nearby homes, offices, greenhouses…