Future of retail: A Car ‘Vending Machine’ in Singapore

autobahnWhile internet becomes the easiest and fastest shopping option, retailers are becoming more and more innovative to attract customers to their shops. To compete against efficacy, the solution becomes an unexpected shopping experience.

This car vending machine is a great example of that trend.

The world’s largest “vending machine” was inspired by a display of Matchbox toy cars. The Autobahn Motors’ futuristic showroom dispenses real-life luxury vehicles, such as Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis… Thanks to an advanced technology, the 15 storey building can hold up to 60 cars while fitting in a small area. It’s an efficient use of space in the land-scarce Singapore.

People goes there by curiosity and to discover a futuristic shopping experience that mixes digital and reality. In the showroom, the buyers select the car on a tablet. While waiting for the vehicle to arrive (around two minutes), a promotional video of the specific car is played.

Although, Autobahn Motors stands out from most of the competition, it is not the only retailer to utilize this “car vending machine” method. US company Carvana uses a similar technology to sell used cars.

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