Our trash has value. Swap recyclable with food.

Recycled plastic shoes, packaging, sleeping gown, camera,… You see, circular economy is growing, but to make it a success, companies need to get easier access to the raw material. In Europe, recycling is already part of people’s daily life. In developping countries, landfills are getting full and trash is spreading everywhere yet recycling is still not a priority for people that struggle to live a simple happy life with very few dollars. They don’t see the immediate value of it.

In response to that situation, Benki Piyako, together with the organization House of Indians created an ecological supermarket situated in the amazon. In ‘Troque Troque’ customers can swap plastics and aluminium cans for voucher to buy food.

The store only stocks locally grown produce to support local farmers. After collecting the raw materials, the store processes it then sends it to the nearby recycling plant in Rio Branco.

The project is currently raising money on indiegogo.

Here are other great of circular economy examples from around the world:


Next, could we imagine a reverse delivery system where shops comes to get recyclables in exchange of money? Could farms exchange fruits, vegetable against compost to nourish the soil?

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