Because of the ever-growing population in cities, the public transportation systems are getting more crowded. The queues to pass the ticket gates are also getting longer. It’s just a few second, but those few seconds can make a difference when missing a train. Time is precious, people are looking for solutions to simplify their lives and shorten their commuting time.
Cubic Transportation Systems propose to integrates a biometric tech into mass transit to make train tickets obsolete. The gates will disappear as well as the queuing. The system is called “Gateless Gateline”.


It’s simple to use:
1. Register on the app on your phone
2. Scan your face with a 3D scanner situated in the station.
3. Travel around. Ticket free.


The company expects to start testing the system in two UK train networks this year.
Make sure you always have enough money loaded in your app account or if you haven’t, lights will flash red on you.
In the smart cities of the future everything will be intuitive and easy. The cost for this hassle-free life is that our datas will always be tracked. Creepy, amazing or both?