Future of health care: This smart robot is a friendly personal pharmacist

Pillo is a personal health care companion that can:
  • recognize each user’s face and voice
  • have a conversation with you and learn about you
  • dispense the proper pills at the appropriate time
  • automatically reorder medicine before it runs out
  • answer your health questions
  • connect you directly with healthcare professionals

Pillo is also intelligent. His functionalities will improve as he learns about us and our family. In the future, could Pillo replace our doctor and advise us on each medication to take for simple sickness? is it scary or convenient?



The aging population is growing. Our elderlies are often isolated due do the younger generation living away from their parents. Their health is a priority, so the demand for full time health and care solutions (Specialized faculties, nurses at home… ) is increasing. But this is costly and associated with loss of personal freedom.

Personal AI health assistants could provide a partial solution to these concerns.



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