The Living Light harvests its energy through the photosynthetic process of the plant.

According to Ermi van Oers, the designer of the lamp: “A healthy plant can produce up to 0,1 mW, which is enough to be working as a night lamp and will fall asleep with you to charge itself for the next night.”.

In fact, the duration of light depends on the well-being of the plant. So the better you take care of the plant, the more energy you will receive back.

Watch the video to understand how it works:

The lamp has been developed in collaboration with Plant-e. The Dutch company focuses on developing products in which electricity is generated with living plants. In 2014, the company has illuminated 300 LED lights in a park with electricity produced by plants.

According to YesMagazine: “the company plans to expand the technology to existing wetlands and rice paddies where electricity can be generated on a larger scale. This could give power to some of the world’s poorest places.”

An other good reason to protect our forest: it could become the cheapest and the most sustainable source of energy for our future. Let’s get ready to plug our i-phone to a plant!