Could swapping become the new shopping?

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The modern fashionista loves buying new clothes, then she soon gets tired of those so she buys more. According to Forbes, Americans throw away about 70 lbs of clothing per person every year. The fashion industry became the 2nd biggest pollutant after the oil industry.

In Singapore, Raye Padit, launched Swapaholic in October 2016. His aim is to protect our planet by reducing clothes waste while satisfying our endless desire for newness.

I actually swapped my clothes twice this year and I love it. The 1st time I got new 12 clothes the second time I got 20 new pieces without hurting my wallet.

We swap clothes that we stopped wearing yet that are still in good condition. The system is simple:

1st – DROP:  drop a collection of clothes and accessories before the event at the specified venue. Depending of the brand and the quality of the items you get points that will be used as currency to get new pieces during the Swap event.

2nd – SHOP: Use your points to “buy” clothes or accessories.

At the event, there is a great variety of items that fit every tastes and sizes: Gucci sunglasses, Micheal Kors dress, H&M top, Topshop skirt… Sizes varies from XXS, S, M, L and XXL. While swapping I felt more adventurous than when I normally shop: I know that if I don’t wear it, I’ll swap it again.

The phenomenon is not new, it began 10 years ago. Yet people are becoming much more educated in regards to clothing waste and they are willing to become conscious shoppers.  Since the first event, Raye has noticed the number of people attending the events has increased.

“we started off 30 people attending, it multiplied to 5 times. I can really see that the interest is growing with people who want to swap with different reasons: Environmental, price conscious, looking for unique finds, exploring and just having fun with friends.”

Around the world, more and more swapping events are also popping up.

To see when are next Swapaholic events, visit the website:

Images and videos right from Swapaholic

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