A foldable phone in 2018?

Foldable phones are a reality that could hit our daily life by next year.

While Apple claims that the new Iphone X is the phone of the future, Samsung announces the launch of the foldable phone by 2018.

Screens that bend, roll and fold bring up new ways for people to interact with electronic devices.

Thanks to the foldable screen and the miniaturization of the electric components, the devices could easily adapt depending to the need of the consumer. Which means that one device could become plenty: start with a watch, unfold to get an a mini tablet, unfold to get bigger tablet, unfold to get a laptop. Or start with a tablet, unfold to get a laptop, unfold to get a TV.

Beyond looking cool, it could also solve some challenges for our future:

  • Sustainability: less devices means less pollution
  • Space: a bigger TV can become small to fit in the small homes.
  • Active lifestyle: Easier to transport / Easy to wear

And it’s harder to break, so we could do more with it.

This will not happen next year but the future seems to offer interesting possibilities.

Xiaomi Concept





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