Future of retail – The success of the vending machine

The modern consumer is becoming more and more impatient. They want access to any good and services 24/7. Beyond answering the need for convenience, the vending machines reduces the cost of labour and retail space. As a result we’ve seen a growing number of vending machines popping up around the cities that sell a greater variety of product.

Here are some noticeable examples of vending machine around the world:


  1. UNIQLO AIRPORT CLOTHING VENDING MACHINE – USA. So the travelers can buy shirts and lightweight jackets in the airport.

Photo: Regis Duvignau/Reuters

2. OYSTERS VENDING MACHINE – FRANCE. Since August 2017, Oyster craving can be satisfied at anytime of the day, any day of the week on the Ile de Ré island. The vending machine offers a range of quantities, types and sizes of Oyster. For the final touch, the machine should also sell the wine that pair with the oysters

3. A VENDING MACHINE THAT MAKES SALAD – SAN-FRANCISCO. Vending machine are well known for selling junk food. This vending machine does the opposite: it makes healthy salad. This vending machine is considered as a robot as it create more than 1000 salads from combinations drawn from 21 ingredients.


4. BOOK VENDING MACHINE – SINGAPORE. BooksActually vending machine can sell 120 to 150 books. It’s specialized in Singaporean poetry, short stories or graphic novels.


5. CAR VENDING MACHINE – SINGAPORE. The world’s largest “vending machine” was inspired by a display of Matchbox toy cars. The Autobahn Motors’ futuristic showroom dispenses real-life luxury vehicles, such as Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis… Thanks to an advanced technology, the 15 storey building can hold up to 60 cars while fitting in a small area. It’s an efficient use of space in the land-scarce Singapore.

6. FLAT SHOES VENDING MACHINE –  UNITED STATES. Rollasole vending machines, is considered as an “emergency footwear”. It conveniently placed in Las Vegas so theFemale partygoers can ditch their high heels in favor of a pair of comfortable flats.

You can see more example of vending machine here:

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