Will you eat this nutritional packaging?


Due to single-use packaging, Indonesia is second to China in creating ocean plastic pollution. The Indonesian start up, Evoware created packagings made with Seaweeds to replace plastic.

The company claims that the seaweed is treated for food safety and chemicals free.

Seaweed wrappers have several benefits such as:

Capture d_écran 2017-10-08 à 11.35.33 AMCapture d_écran 2017-10-08 à 11.35.21 AM

“We want to create a cleaner world by stopping plastic waste from the root” David Christian, cofounder of Evoware, the Indonesia-based startup that designed the new packaging

Edible plastic will face some challenges before becoming mainstream such as hygiene and conservations considerations, as well as cost and awareness. However have no doubt that companies will find some innovative answers that will break the barriers.

More on edible packaging: Edible Water bottles are ready to be commercialized


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