In 2018, a digital tunnel will replace the security gate at Dubai Airport

New_Security_Checkpoints_In_DubaiToday people are traveling more than ever before. In the airports, the crowds are getting bigger, the queues at the numerous security checkpoints are also getting longer. Airports around the world are finding innovative solutions to make the experience more fun and convenient.

In Dubai, the airport has created a digital tunnel that scans every faces so travelers no longer need to pass through any sort of security clearance counter.

The tunnel will display natural settings such as aquarium or desert and will be equipped with 80 cameras. The animation attracts the vision of the traveler while the camera scan his face. Travelers have to pre-register at one of the airport’s 3D face scanning kiosks so the virtual wall can compare their bio-metrics with their digital profile.

The tunnel will open in the terminal 3 of the Dubai airport in 2018.

Beyond transportation, many companies are interested in Biometric scanning to revolutionize the customer experience.

Beijing start-up Face++ is working with Alibaba to enable people to transfer money using their face as identification. Customers of Lloyds Banking Group will soon be able to use fingerprint and facial recognition to log into their bank account. I-Phone X users can unlocks the device and authorize payments using facial recognition.

In the future our loyalty cards, ID cards as well as Credit cards might be updated with our facial Datas. We will be able to pay anything and commute freely thanks to the facial recognition.

Time is precious, people are looking for solutions that simplify their lives. However, are they ready to trade their privacy for convenience?

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