Genetically engineered chickens lay cancer-fighting eggs


Image right:

Japan keeps surprising us with unexpected innovations. They really think out of the box.

Lately, Japaneses researchers engineered an “pharmacist mutant hens”: the bird lay eggs containing a protein used to treat various illnesses, including multiple sclerosis and cancer. This sounds crazy. Yet the rational behind the idea is very smart and could reduce the cost of treatment up to 90%.

According to, the searchers “introduced genes that produce into cells which are precursors of chicken sperm. They then used these cells to fertilize eggs and create hens which inherited those genes, meaning the birds were able to lay eggs containing the disease-fighting agent. The scientists now have three hens whose eggs contain the drug, with the birds laying almost daily.”
Japan has very strict regulations concerning the introduction of new or foreign pharmaceutical products. It will take a long time before the drug hits the market. The process for validation is complex and takes years to complete. In 2015, US Food and Drug Administration has approved one drug produced using modified chicken.


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