This is the first battery-free, electric toothbrush


Imagine an eco-friendly electric toothbrush without batteries neither cables. This is Be (Beyond Electric) toothbrush by Goodwell Co.

It’s simple:

  • Twists the base 2 times to get 80,000 brushstrokes.
  • The toothbrush automatically stops after the dentist-recommended 2 minutes brush time.
  • The brush heads is 100 percent biodegradable and the build is made from recyclable.

The project has already exceeded its fundraising goal by more than 1100%.

Convenience is the one of the most important consumer need while sustainability is a growing aspiration. This project will be a success as it’s sustainable and MORE convenient than the in-market product.

Could this system be implemented in other daily devices to replace all batteries? Twist 1 time to use remote controls, 10 twists for the reading lamp… Sustainability is bringing new possibilities, this is exciting.


More oralcare innovation: This toothbrush could save 100 days of your life time

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