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This undershirt has a integrated heat system.

After the tee-shirt GPS, the socks that tracks Babie’s health, here is the teeshirt that warms up with the touch of a button.

The light and comfortable top will keep you warm without the hassle of having several layers. The heat is easy to control with the button on the sleeve: There is 3 settings 40, 45, and 50 degrees Celsius. The heat can keep you warm up to 8H.

I can’t wait to see the cooling collection that keeps you fresh in summer. Continue reading “This undershirt has a integrated heat system.”

Michelin has reinvented the car tire. It looks amazing.

To stay relevant, every industries has to reinvent themselves. Car tire has always looked similar: black rubber filled is air. It is time to change the convention.

Michelin has invented Vision, a car tire concept based on 3 innovative trends:

  • 3D printed: The tread design is customized in accordance with the user’s mobility needs.
  • Digitally connected: Sensors in the wheels are connected to a mobile app to alert the driver when they need to recharge a tire or to pre-schedule a tread design change.
  • Biodegradable: to be composted at the end of its life

And it’s Airless to avoid the risk of flat tires or dangerous blowouts at speed.

Can’t wait to see the car of the future with those tires!


 3D printing might revolutionise every industries. 


Future of transportation. No card needed.

Because of the ever-growing population in cities, the public transportation systems are getting more crowded. The queues to pass the ticket gates are also getting longer. It’s just a few second, but those few seconds can make a difference when missing a train. Time is precious, people are looking for solutions to simplify their lives and shorten their commuting time.
Cubic Transportation Systems propose to integrates a biometric tech into mass transit to make train tickets obsolete. The gates will disappear as well as the queuing. The system is called “Gateless Gateline”.


Continue reading “Future of transportation. No card needed.”

Future of retail: A Car ‘Vending Machine’ in Singapore

While internet becomes the easiest and fastest shopping option, retailers are becoming more and more innovative to attract customers to their shops. To compete against efficacy, the solution becomes an unexpected shopping experience.

This car vending machine is a great example of that trend.

The world’s largest “vending machine” was inspired by a display of Matchbox toy cars. The Autobahn Motors’ futuristic showroom dispenses real-life luxury vehicles, such as Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis… Thanks to an advanced technology, the 15 storey building can hold up to 60 cars while fitting in a small area. It’s an efficient use of space in the land-scarce Singapore.

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Powering devices with silver ink drawings

Imagine a home without electric wires. A home where electric wires are replaced by decorative silver lines that can power all your electric devices.

The japanese company AgIC (Ag = silver + IC = Ink Circuit) created the Circuit Marker pen. The pen delivers electricity-conducting ink that allows you to turn hand drawings into an electrical circuit. Currently the pen is used to create miniature illuminated mock up yet we could imagine that one day we could potentially push the idea to full size home.

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Are we becoming the immortal cyborg of the future?

Based on the latest advancement in robot technology, Greg Satell predicts that “The future of robot is all too human”. But what if the future of human was actually all too robot?

There’s no doubt: machines can often do work not only more efficiently, but better than us. Robots are becoming more advanced and are taking some of our jobs. With their sophisticated EQ, robots are also becoming a better partner in our daily life. Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director predicts that computers will become as smart as humans in 12 years. How many years before they get smarter than us and overpower human? The alternative is that we enhance our own body and brain.

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Not just a sound system, a beautiful personalized piece of art

BeoSound Shape by Bang & Olufsen is a stunning wireless sound system. The modular design is made up of hexagonal tiles that can be placed on a wall in different patterns and sizes to let people create their own layout.
In a standardized world, personalization trend is still key for brands to be noticed and elevate customer engagement. Consumers are looking for creative solutions that help them to stand out from the crowd with unique designs that express their personality and taste.

This edible robot will save lives

Made in the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, the soft robot is made of gelatin and can be easily digested.

The robot’s gripper is capable of handling various objects. Combined with other recent edible materials and electronics, the innovation could revolutionize medicine.
Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 3.19.44 pm

So far the robot is tasteless, yet the researchers are working with the École hôtelière de Lausanne, a world-class hospitality school, to create better-tasting robots.

Maybe one day, we will go to a “Robot-restaurant” instead of the hospital to do a surgery without opening the body. Who want to try the Bone-fix-apple-crumble-robot?

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Domino’s cute robots deliver pizzas in Europe

After the police robot and the suitcase robot, here is the delivery robot.

Starship Technologies, the London-based company has created a six-wheeled self-driving delivery robots. Domino hired some of those robots to deliver their pizzas to our home. Robots are in our street, robots are now part of our daily life.

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