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Future of retail: A Car ‘Vending Machine’ in Singapore

While internet becomes the easiest and fastest shopping option, retailers are becoming more and more innovative to attract customers to their shops. To compete against efficacy, the solution becomes an unexpected shopping experience.

This car vending machine is a great example of that trend.

The world’s largest “vending machine” was inspired by a display of Matchbox toy cars. The Autobahn Motors’ futuristic showroom dispenses real-life luxury vehicles, such as Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis… Thanks to an advanced technology, the 15 storey building can hold up to 60 cars while fitting in a small area. It’s an efficient use of space in the land-scarce Singapore.

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Powering devices with silver ink drawings

Imagine a home without electric wires. A home where electric wires are replaced by decorative silver lines that can power all your electric devices.

The japanese company AgIC (Ag = silver + IC = Ink Circuit) created the Circuit Marker pen. The pen delivers electricity-conducting ink that allows you to turn hand drawings into an electrical circuit. Currently the pen is used to create miniature illuminated mock up yet we could imagine that one day we could potentially push the idea to full size home.

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Future of cooking: cooking food in a washing machine?

Iftach Gazit, design student in Tel Aviv, created the “Sous La Vie” concept: innovative bags to cook yummy fish, steak or vegetables in a washing machine without the taste of soap or dirty water. Continue reading “Future of cooking: cooking food in a washing machine?”

This smart condom tracks your sexual performances

The consumer wearables market include smart watches, glasses, fitness and health trackers, tee shirts, smart jewellery and… condoms.

The I.con device is a ring that fits over the condom. Like Fitbit, the device comes with a app that tracks datas during the exercise: Thrust velocity and speed, Brunt calories (100 calories per session put out by a study conducted by the University of Montreal), number times you add sex, how long does it last, average skin temperature of…, what’s the measure of your girth, number of different positions conquered during the exercise. It also checks chlamydia and syphilis.

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Digital vs real: A story dispenser to step away from the phone

Yes, the digital world is growing, as a matter of fact we are more connected with our phone and computer than ever: The average person spends 8 hours and 41 mins on electronic devices. However, this also means that there is growing need for people to reconnect with the reality and to step away from their phone. Real is good, yet simple, convenient and free solutions are better to compete with the digital world.

Here is an example of a library that proposes an innovative solution to invite people to move away from digital devices back to reading on real paper during their commuting.

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This Hair Dye Changes Color Depending On The Temperature Around You

A UK firm called The Unseen has revealed hair dye that can change between two colors if the temperature around you alters. Imagine if could do the same with the color of fabrics? The dress you wear could change color during the day depending if you are in the heat or cold.

Could we also imagine the color to change depending of the time as well? Casual color for the morning? Deep intense color for the sophisticated dinner.

That sounds super exciting for the fashion industry 🙂


Urinating in the street of Paris is now eco-friendly

The pretty floral boxes installed close to train stations convert urine into compost while absorbing the bad smell. The compost will be use in parks and garden to grow flowers.

Great example about how innovative solutions are better than banning.

Apparently, they are currently working on an option for women 🙂



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Imagining the utensils for Eating Insects

When we will be nine billion on the planet (by 2050 according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation), we won’t have enough meat to sustain us all: the alternative will be the delicious insects😱. Japanese designer Wataru Kobayashi  anticipated the need by creating those utensils to ease the process of preparing and eating insects.

I miss my meat already…


Disco Ball Cement Truck

By Benedetto Bufalino… Love it…  It makes daily life more fun!

Bufalino is known for his unconventional approach to urban interventions, frequently installing active aquariums into phone booths and creating a variety of public art pieces in unexpected places.


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