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Slowing Down

In the fast moving world, our lifestyle pace has speed up. Our days are more and more busy and a need for slowing down has grown.

This Cool Nap Bar in Madrid could enhance your brain power

After the success of the nap pop up in London, Dubai and Tokyo, here is the first nap bar in Madrid. The bar is called Siesta & Go, it provides a variety of rooms for visitors wanting to take a break from the day and relax. The bar is situated at the heart of the business center so people can do a pause during their working hours. You pay for the time you spend in the bar.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a 20/30min nap “provides significant benefit for improved alertness and performance”

Winston Churchill’s believed that his daily nap helped him get twice as much done each day: Slowing down can make you more efficient.

After the Nap Gym, the Pods to pause and reconnect and the Slow down drink, the nap bar is another example that slowing down is a growing trend. There is no doubt that the concept is going to be a success. Expect to see more of those bar opening in the big cities.


Pods to pause and reconnect

To respond to the current trend of increased technology usage that creates feelings of disconnection, Jaya van den Berg created ‘Co COON’. Co Coon is a quiet small pod made from wood and wool materials that can accommodate 1 or 2 people. Continue reading “Pods to pause and reconnect”

Slow down drink

After the rise of energy drinks that help people to keep up with the fast moving life, here is the slowing down drink.

The Opus B’s hour glass shaped design has several purposes: Continue reading “Slow down drink”

Gym Offers Group Napping Classes

Step away from daily stress and rush for a 1h napping class.

Napercise is designed to help “reinvigorating the mind, improving moods, as well as even burning the odd calorie.”

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