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Are we becoming the immortal cyborg of the future?

Based on the latest advancement in robot technology, Greg Satell predicts that “The future of robot is all too human”. But what if the future of human was actually all too robot?

There’s no doubt: machines can often do work not only more efficiently, but better than us. Robots are becoming more advanced and are taking some of our jobs. With their sophisticated EQ, robots are also becoming a better partner in our daily life. Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director predicts that computers will become as smart as humans in 12 years. How many years before they get smarter than us and overpower human? The alternative is that we enhance our own body and brain.

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Not just a sound system, a beautiful personalized piece of art

BeoSound Shape by Bang & Olufsen is a stunning wireless sound system. The modular design is made up of hexagonal tiles that can be placed on a wall in different patterns and sizes to let people create their own layout.
In a standardized world, personalization trend is still key for brands to be noticed and elevate customer engagement. Consumers are looking for creative solutions that help them to stand out from the crowd with unique designs that express their personality and taste.

This edible robot will save lives

Made in the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, the soft robot is made of gelatin and can be easily digested.

The robot’s gripper is capable of handling various objects. Combined with other recent edible materials and electronics, the innovation could revolutionize medicine.
Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 3.19.44 pm

So far the robot is tasteless, yet the researchers are working with the École hôtelière de Lausanne, a world-class hospitality school, to create better-tasting robots.

Maybe one day, we will go to a “Robot-restaurant” instead of the hospital to do a surgery without opening the body. Who want to try the Bone-fix-apple-crumble-robot?

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Domino’s cute robots deliver pizzas in Europe

After the police robot and the suitcase robot, here is the delivery robot.

Starship Technologies, the London-based company has created a six-wheeled self-driving delivery robots. Domino hired some of those robots to deliver their pizzas to our home. Robots are in our street, robots are now part of our daily life.

Future of packaging: Edible Water bottles are ready to be commercialized

“The bottled water industry is one of the biggest threats to the safety of our planet, with more than 100 million plastic bottles trashed every day in the US alone.” said SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum

Yes, plastic waste is taking on our landfills and ocean, we must stop the spread. A lot of companies are proposing interesting alternatives to give new lives to the plastic waste, yet is it enough?

Skipping Rocks Lab, a packaging innovation lab, has created Ooho: edible “bottles” of water to replace the traditional plastic bottles. The concept was created in 2014 and after 2 years of development it is ready to be brought to the market.

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Future of cooking: cooking food in a washing machine?

Iftach Gazit, design student in Tel Aviv, created the “Sous La Vie” concept: innovative bags to cook yummy fish, steak or vegetables in a washing machine without the taste of soap or dirty water. Continue reading “Future of cooking: cooking food in a washing machine?”

A cute smart sock that will save babies lives

How many parents wake up at night to check if their baby is still breathing?

The Owlet Smart Sock tracks babies’ heart rate, blood oxygen levels and alerts parents if anything abnormal happens. The company claims that “83% of Owlet parents report having better sleep while using the Smart Sock on their baby.”

Beyond harnessing parent’s piece of mind, the cute little sock will soon save  babies’ life. The device is collecting data to be able to predict when problems are occurring, not just when they already have. For example, certain heart-rate profiles may indicate that a baby has a fever, even before he’s sweating.

owlet baby sock 2

Wearable shifts in focus from ‘gadget’ to ‘health trackers’

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Can a Police Robot keep us safe?

The Chinese E-patrol Sheriff is a robot that keeps travelers safe in the Zhengzhou East Railway Station.

The 1.6 meter-tall Robot can see in a wide scope of the railway station and use the facial recognition technology to track people when necessary. If a person is a wanted criminal, the robot will recognize him then use its wheel to stay near him while waiting to the policemen to finish the job.

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The power of scent: scented bottles makes plain water flavorful

A single can of soda contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. People who consume sugary drinks regularly (more than 1 cup a day) have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than other people.

Reducing the consumption of soft drinks and drinking more water will improve people’s health. Yet here is the tension: While health and wellness is a growing concern for people around the world, there is also a well establish indulgence trend. People want both: be healthy and be indulged.

What if the scent was the solution to eat and drink healthy yet tasty?

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